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Whether at the headquarters or in a branch office, the pace and complexity of the measures required for seamless network security are constantly increasing. If you want to make timely, effective and informed decisions, you need one thing above all: insight.

"Data in itself has no value. It only acquires meaning through appropriate analysis and conversion into information ..." Mark van Rijmenam, Big Data Strategist.

77% of all companies collect log files, but only 24% analyze those log files. And out of this, a vanishingly small percentage is able to extract understandable information from this analysis and adjust company policies or firewall settings accordingly.

Our solution: Free Analysis of the Current Status of Your Data Streams, Live on Site

Our specialists show you live on site, based on your network:

  • Is sensitive information leaving the company?
  • How effective is the anti-spam solution?
  • Were attack attempts stopped?
  • How many viruses were blocked?
  • Which applications consume the most bandwidth?

Together with your IT, we uncover potential weaknesses, point out threats and work out a secure solution that is in line with your company's needs.

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We stand by the Side of Ukraine

The war of the Russian government on Ukraine fills us with the greatest dismay and concern.

CENTAUR GmbH and PINTEXX GmbH Cooperate

For us, digital sovereignty means controlling essential digital processes. Pintexx Workplace was designed to fulfill these criteria.

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CENTAUR® has been providing its customers maximum security, availability and flexibility in its own data center since 1991


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CENTAUR® GmbH, with its own data center in Heilbronn, specializes in IT outsourcing, managed services and cyber security. The service portfolio includes connectivity, virtualization, online backup, e-mail and domain services, web hosting and mobile device management.

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