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Company – Mission Statement

Your Success – our Motivation

Since 1991, we have been supporting customers nationwide with consulting, planning and implementation in all aspects of IT infrastructure. With our actions, we are always on top of  the latest technical developments in order to make life and work easier for our customers by providing secure, powerful, user-friendly and cost-efficient IT solutions.

IT is becoming increasingly complex and places the highest demands on know-how and availability. For companies to be able to concentrate fully on the success of their core business, all IT services must function smoothly. We have been ensuring this for our customers in over 30 years.

Maximum Transparency in Action

We offer customized solutions in all areas of modern IT. Our customers receive exactly the services they require in order to operate their systems - not only in compliance with pertinent legislation, but also securely according to their own ideas and standards. Our services can be combined on a modular basis; individual options as a supplement to standard solutions are no problem.

Whatever we recommend to you - we make it absolutely transparent why we do it, what advantages result from it and which alternatives would come into question at which conditions. We see comprehensive consulting as a prerequisite for joint decision-making. This way, we provide our customers with the best possible knowledge of the structure and operation of the systems used. This is particularly important to ensure the protection of stored personal data across all data processing procedures.

We Consistently Pursue a Linux-Based Open-Source Philosophy for the Benefit of our Customers

Open-source software renders a significant contribution to the transparency desired by us and our customers. Open-source has changed applications and reflects a philosophy that plays a role in all areas of society: just as the Internet itself does not conceal how it works, we believe that IT services must be just as transparent and reliable.

It is our conviction that every user must be able to access the underlying code in Linux as they see fit. Since the code is freely available and the community is very active, the code is constantly reviewed and improved. Security gaps are quickly identified and eliminated. As a result, open-source achieves a very high level of reliability. Compared to proprietary systems, there are no expensive license fees.

We focus on customer benefits in all areas of activity. Open-source solutions give our customers access to fast, secure and reliable software - without vendor lock-in.

Maintaining this flexibility is our goal. That is why we primarily rely on Linux as the leading server system.

Sustainability – for the Sake of our Climate

It is a fact that the growing number of electrical devices and increasingly complex computer-based processes are accompanied by growing power consumption. The share of digitalization in global energy consumption is rising rapidly.

With the help of cloud computing, significant savings in energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be achieved. Instead of many individual servers running continuously, there are far fewer cloud servers with a well-predictable utilization rate. In this way, a customized server capacity supply with significantly higher efficiency can be designed for users. It is our goal to continuously expand this offer and thus make our contribution to more energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.



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CENTAUR® GmbH, with its own data center in Heilbronn, specializes in IT outsourcing, managed services and cyber security. The service portfolio includes connectivity, virtualization, online backup, e-mail and domain services, web hosting and mobile device management.

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