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Managed Services

Flexible E-Mail Services

CENTAUR® promotes various systems that offer customers flexible options and a high degree of availability.

Options can be selected and grouped in a modular fashion according to requirements.


  • Hosted Groupware
  • Webmail (also for mobile clients)
  • Outlook Mapi connection
  • Pushmail
  • Antivirus scanning
  • Antispam detection (on request spam quarantine at CENTAUR®)
  • E-mail archiving (according to legal requirements)
  • Web-based frontend for administration of own e-mail accounts
  • Integrated messenger functions
  • Integrated file and document storage
  • Global address books and calendar functions (sharing possible)
  • Authentication possible with external LDAP system
  • POP3 / IMAP connection
  • Integration of external e-mail accounts via POP3 / IMAP
  • SMTP forwarding
E-Mail Archiving

Antivir / Antispam

REDDOXX Spamfinder Anti-Spam and Virus Protection

The REDDOXX SpamFinder is based on various defense methods such as black- and whitelisting, advanced RBL, automatic checks of sender and recipient address, syntactical spam detection and more. The combination of these conventional and proven filtering methods alone ensures the extremely high antispam factor of around 98 percent.

According to current statistics, the proportion of spam e-mails at German companies is well over 50%.

Functions at a glance

  • Sustainable spam reduction and efficient virus protection
  • Time and cost savings
  • Relief of the e-mail server through recipient checking
  • User-friendly operation through integration in MS Outlook / web browser access and smartphone (iOS / Android)
  • Mail system independent use via web interface
  • Absolute security and control over filtered emails
  • Suitable for any mail server
  • Spam is not archived
E-Mail Archiving

E-Mail Encryption & Signature

REDDOXX Mailserver E-Mail Encryption

The REDDOXX Mailsealer is the security solution for e-mail traffic. Outgoing e-mails are signed and encrypted, incoming e-mails are checked and decrypted.

Functions at a glance

  • Supports internationally established e-mail encryption standard S/MIME
  • Encryption and digital signature are centralized according to corporate security policies
  • Rules can be defined flexibly
  • Protects all e-mails against unauthorized access and data misuse
  • Simple key and certificate management
  • As required by law: Encrypted and decrypted e-mails can be archived with REDDOXX Maildepot

REDDOXX Maildepot and REDDOXX Mailsealer can be activated individually per mailbox.
The functions shown can also be mapped in combination with externally operated mail servers.



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CENTAUR® GmbH, with its own data center in Heilbronn, specializes in IT outsourcing, managed services and cyber security. The service portfolio includes connectivity, virtualization, online backup, e-mail and domain services, web hosting and mobile device management.

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