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Our Services

IT-Outsourcing from CENTAUR

You focus on your core business, we take care of your IT!

Set up and archive e-mail traffic, establish data security and spam defense, develop backup strategies, provide server capacities, continuous monitoring and reporting during operation...

You can do all this and more yourself - but you don't have to! Transfer this responsibility to us and rely on an IT professional with decades of experience.

Our services at a glance
  • E-Mail services

  • Antivirus / antispam solutions

  • backup strategy

  • CRM and database systems

  • document management

  • web hosting

  • IaaS

  • Licensing

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IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

Rent your own managed cloud resource from CENTAUR® - flexible and economical - 100% hosted in Germany.

By outsourcing your servers to an external data center in Germany, you benefit from the highest security standards and a fast Internet connection.

We offer you 100% DS-GVO compliance through end-to-end encryption.

You operate your cloud as a private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud - i.e. with dedicated servers - and still benefit from all the advantages of a professional solution: maintenance-free, flexible storage size on-demand, no overcapacity, no pre-investment, full cost transparency through pay-per-use, GDPR-compliant data protection, and much more.

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Hosting & Colocation

CENTAUR® provides you with the infrastructure of a state-of-the-art data center.

The possibilities range from complete outsourcing of an IT infrastructure to connections, e.g. of a Citrix technology, to setting up your own server hardware.

Your advantages
  • Your servers are located in your region

  • Redundant internet connections provide your data securely

  • Dedicated Ethernet connection of your server with its own address pool

  • Fail-safe power supply, secured by UPS in each server cabinet and emergency power generator

  • Modern access control with video surveillance

  • Modern gas extinguishing system

  • 24/7 monitoring of all operating parameters

  • Data backup on redundant backup servers

  • Firewall protection for your servers

  • Server location in Germany

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Managed Services

Concentrate on your strengths and take advantage of our

Your business is growing and your critical infrastructure needs to keep pace. This usually means direct investment in additional hardware and software and associated adaptation, service and maintenance costs.

Staffing needs also increase, with IT professionals expensive and hard to find. This ties up capital that could be more beneficial elsewhere. In addition, you bear all risks in a self-managed infrastructure, which at least causes sleepless nights in case of an emergency.

With services from CENTAUR® you leave these worries to the professionals and only pay for the services you actually use. There are no acquisition costs for hardware and software, and we take care of maintenance and ongoing operation for you - it couldn't be simpler or more flexible!

Our Managed Services at a Glance

  • Online backup

  • Web hosting

  • E-mail services

  • E-mail archiving

  • Domain services

Your advantages
  • Intuitive software for data backup, location-independent and flexible

  • High-performance servers with strictly limited number of customers per server

  • Best performance and availability thanks to German data center with own Autono-men System (AS)

  • Integrated, data protection-compliant e-mail solution

  • All-round service and support for your domain management

  • Data protection through Backup as a Service

  • Operations Management (Server-Monitoring, Active Maintenance, Active Escalation)

  • Cyber Security as a Service (Fire-walls, ...)

  • IP connection / Upstream

  • Networking (Switch Port, VLAN Con-nect, CDN)

  • E-mail hosting and archiving

Are you interested in our Managed Services?

Give us a call. We'll be happy to explain all the details and answer your questions about data backup, web hosting, e-mail and do-main services.



CENTAUR® offers you high-performance, economical solutions. Thus, we guarantee the highest possible availability and independence from line providers for your web presence.

Your advantages
  • Symmetrical and scalable fixed connections

  • IP address space is allocated as required

  • Monitoring of the lines

  • DNS reverse maintenance

  • Management of all IP address ranges by CENTAUR® AS

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Edisonstraße 3
74076 Heilbronn

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CENTAUR® GmbH, with its own data center in Heilbronn, specializes in IT outsourcing, managed services and cyber security. The service portfolio includes connectivity, virtualization, online backup, e-mail and domain services, web hosting and mobile device management.

Your IT with CENTAUR®: Competent Secure – Efficient