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Cyber Security – an important matter

Barely in the cloud – already stolen? No way!

Cyber defense on your own or as a managed service? Anyone faced with this decision should check whether their company has sufficient expertise in prevention, detection and response.

The complexity of IT infrastructures is constantly increasing, hackers are constantly changing their attack vectors, cyber criminals are highly qualified and very well organized, and security specialists are hard to find and expensive. Digital company data must be protected all around.

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Cyber Security

Data protection & security

IT Security you can rely on!

Almost any workload today can be moved to, or sourced from the cloud. As a company, you bear responsibility for the processing of personal data in your systems.

CENTAUR® helps you build structures that ensure maximum data protection and GDPR compliance.

Data security is not only a technological issue, but also requires know-how around the clock. We provide comprehensive breach protection for workloads and containers so you can build, run, and secure applications quickly and reliably.

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Cyber Security

Offsite Backup

3-2-1 - Let's go! Offsite backup made easy

The economic damage caused by data theft is increasing at an alarming rate. Ransomware attacks in particular have the potential to endanger the existence of companies or paralyze hospitals and public administrations - and they are doing so with increasing frequency. It is no longer a question of if, but when and how often an organization will be attacked. And how prepared it is to respond.

Cyber Security

Safety standard

Highest Security Standard at Maximum Flexibility

If you wish, we can take over the entire management of your IT systems and guarantee maximum availability.

With us, your data is stored exclusively on servers in Germany. End-to-end encryption, high-security firewalls and malware defense combined with proven backup strategies provide maximum access protection and the highest possible availability.

We offer
  • Firewalls (e.g. proxy firewall with content filtering)

  • Antivirus and antispam protection

  • Proxy server

  • Web content filtering

  • VPN, token authentication, remote dial-in

  • End-to-end encryption

  • E-mail archiving in accordance with applicable legal requirements

  • Backup solutions, e. g. disaster recovery or online backup

  • Monitoring of your servers, automatic notification and restart of services

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Cyber Security

Our Data Center

Our Data Center, Your Data - Hosted in Germany

With CENTAUR® at your side, you always have the latest components from leading manufacturers, central monitoring and maintenance of your systems around the clock, and the security of knowing that your data is stored exclusively on German servers. The entire cost structure remains plannable, transparent and flexible for you. So you can relax and concentrate on your business while we take care of your IT - quickly, securely and cost-effectively.



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CENTAUR® GmbH, with its own data center in Heilbronn, specializes in IT outsourcing, managed services and cyber security. The service portfolio includes connectivity, virtualization, online backup, e-mail and domain services, web hosting and mobile device management.

Your IT with CENTAUR®: Competent Secure – Efficient