Information from CENTAUR on the status of activities in dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic

May 20, 2021

CENTAUR Corona News

The pandemic is changing processes in almost all companies. To minimize the impact and avoid business risks, new forms of communication with all stakeholders became necessary. Along with this, the need for digital tools grew – and continues to grow. 

"Can you understand me?" has the makings of becoming the question of the year. Our employees are also increasingly using digital meeting tools or working from their home offices whenever possible. As an IT service provider, we naturally have the best prerequisites for implementing this without friction.

Nevertheless, from the very beginning we have established rules to prevent contagion in the company and consistently monitored them:

  • Work from the home office as far as possible is encouraged
  • Workplace sharing is banned
  • COVID tests are available in the company
  • Customer contact and meetings are only permitted after a negative test has been conducted
  • COVID tests can be performed by an independent laboratory in the vicinity; the management recommends two tests per week.

With success: to date, we have recorded no COVID cases in the company! We continue to work to keep our company healthy in the double sense.

We are happy to share our expertise on organizational topics such as home office, digital meetings, remote team building, virtual co-working tools, servers and much more. Feel free to contact us!

We wish everyone health, utmost strength and the best possible success!


CENTAUR and BlueMind Sign Partnership Agreement

BlueMind continues to grow in Germany with a new local partnership agreement


Information from CENTAUR on the status of activities in dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic

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